Bclient Setup for Win/CE and Windows Mobile Devices

Files are transferred to Windows/CE devices using Microsoft ActiveSync. Make sure that you have the latest version of ActiveSync installed on the PC you will be using to setup the devices.
  • The bclient.ini needs to have at minimum the following specified:
#ID readerid
#HOSTNAME hostname
#PORT port
readerid is the four character reader ID as specified in the rmc3.config file (Numeric digits or uppercase letters).
hostname is the hostname or IP address of the system where RMC3 Local is running
port is the port number that Bclient will use to connect to RMC3 Local
Please see the RMC3 Bclient v4.1 Settings.pdf for additional available settings.
  • With the device in the dock, and the dock connected to the PC (USB or Serial), ActiveSync should automatically start up, and show a “Set Up a Partnership” screen. Choose the second option, No, to set up a guest connection, so that you can control the files you want to move.  Then click Next.
  • The following screen should show Connected (as Guest). Click “Explore” to see the folders on the Mobile Device. Create a folder named “bclient” under the “Program Files” folder. You should end up with a “\Program Files\bclient” folder.
  • Drag and drop from the PC to transfer the bclient.exe and bclient.ini files to the “\Program Files\bclient” folder.
  • If you want the bclient.exe to start automatically, create a shortcut in the startup folder (usually “\Windows\startup”)